Our very own Chris Shimley breaks down the movements and standards for this years Valentine's Date Challenge.

Challenge duration:
February 4th - 13th at 8pm CST.


This challenge doesn't need to be with your significant other. Friends of the opposite sex can compete to share the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes!


1st place = $200 Gift Card of Choice
2nd place = $100 Gift Card of Choice
3rd place = $50 Gift Card of Choice
1 Random Team = $50 Gift Card of Choice

Gift Cards will be emailed on February 14th to be used for Valentine's Day!

About the Author

Devin is one of the original three founders of ChallengeMe. When Devin isn't working on ChallengeMe he is helping run our sister company Wellness.Work. A fitness engagement software solution for companies to easily deploy virtual private wellness communities to increase health care savings. When Devin isn't working on business he is probably working out with the other two founders Brent Hill and Matt Mason in their private gym chasing weightlifting gains.

Devin Martin

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