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Upside Down by DaniB Fitness

$12.00 / month

program includes:
  • 5 workouts a week (12$/mo)
  • functional gymnastics workouts (quality work, emoms, amraps, for time etc.)
  • focus on foundational gymnastics strength & handstands (holds/hspu/hs walking)
  • scales/options for all fitness levels
  • minimal equipment (can be done at home or in a gym)
  • direct coaching cues & support from me

Who said fitness can’t be fun. The Upside Down program is designed to improve your overall strength and fitness through handstands and other foundational gymnastics skills. DaniB Fitness has combined 20 years of gymnastics experience with the wonderful world of functional fitness to give you 5 workouts a week that can be done at home with minimal to no equipment. The power of gymnastics strength goes far beyond just a handstand, the proven benefits of bodyweight strength training will improve Weightlifting, CrossFit, Endurance, and so much more, making this the perfect supplement program to your fitness routine. Don’t have a handstand? No worries! Upside Down was made for every fitness level and you too can start becoming the expert of your own body by building the connection between your body and mind all with an upside down twist.
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