​We are a revolutionary fitness platform designed to enhance and increase engagement between followers, gym members, and friends.


Push yourself further with ChallengeMe! Your fitness journey just got a lot more fun. Create and accept workout challenges from your friends, family, coworkers, or your favorite athletes!


Enhance member engagement with ChallengeMe! Post your workout for the day, provide auto-calculating leader boards as well as benchmark metrics. Give your members an exciting way to take the gym home with them in their pocket!


MONETIZE YOUR SOCIAL INFLUENCE WITH CHALLENGEME! We are dedicated to building the ultimate platform to help you grow your brand, support your passion, and inspire others. ChallengeMe is the solution to getting top athletes and influencers paid appropriately for the value they bring to the marketplace.​





If you consider yourself to be a competitor you came to the right place. You should constantly be looking for ways to improve your routine and this app will allow you to get a perspective on what other athletes around the world are doing to challenge themselves and others. This app has taken me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to take my training to a new level. I highly recommend you to download this app and challenge yourself and others to improve day in and day out.

Our Response,

Our goal: help everyone in the app take their fitness to the next level. So glad it is pushing your limits and thank you so much for the kind words ✊🏻

Mark Kunnemann, 12/15/2018

Unbelievable exercise app......

Very easy app to navigate and locate exactly what you want to concentrate on.
In the past, found it hard to keep interested for any length of time. The interaction with other people along with the individual/group challenges will keep you interested make this app download work.
It’s awesome.

Our Response,

✊🏻Thank you! It means a lot that the app is creating the fun community that supports everyone at their own level of fitness and inspires them to take it to the next level! Thank you for your support:)

Heather Jayne,

Sports Professional

This app, as I see it is going to change the way sports enthusiasts connect, motivate each other, inspire each other on a world accessible platform.

Its brilliant, I personally can't thank team challenge me enough for bringing this app forward for the people!!

Leadership is where it begins... we all need to be inspired, we all need a good challenge, and a healthily new inspiring approach to daily accountability....

Our Response,

✊🏻That is our goal! Create the ultimate platform for a person of any level of fitness to compete and find the inspiration they are looking for! Thank you for your support

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