Matthew Mason

Matthew Mason

Nickname: For the last 10 years or so I have gone by the name Mace.

College: ​I attended and graduated from Indiana University from 2011-2015

Hometown: Born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Favorite Workout?

​I am a big fan of heavy EMOMs and workouts that involve running intervals All time favorite has to be Half Murph on a Hot day.

Go-To Band for Workouts?

​Lately it seems like my music preference changes weekly normally its a healthy dose of rap and hip-hop that lighten the mood during hard workouts.

Go-To Snack to Fuel Up?

Cheerios with blueberries is my daily fuel up. Tastes great and I feel like i can actually tell a significant strength improvement on days that I ate that as my snack.

What Inspired You to Start an App?

When Brent, my long term friend, approached me with this idea I thought for once he's onto something here. He has had many great ideas in the past but this is the first one that I could really see some great potential in. I have been very active in the fitness community and found that Crossfit has helped me in many aspects of life, this app has helped me find a career in a field that I am passionate about.

Is This Your First Startup?

Actually this app is my second start up company. Previously I had connections in the large format printing community, that paired with a strong interest in cars I started a automotive wrapping company. After a year of being in business my business partner and I were recruited to work as project managers for one of the companies we had previously done installations for. Everytime the App progression stresses me out I remember how terrible it is to sit at a cubicle all day long.