How To Install The Challenge Me Beta

How To Install The Challenge Me Beta App

Step 1: Find TestFlight in iTunes

Click the download icon to initiate the download of TestFlight and then open TestFlight.

Step 2: Agree To Terms

Click "accept" to the terms and conditions for TestFlight.

Step 3: Agree To Notifications

Click "Allow" to allow notifications for TestFlight. This important so you will be notified when new updates are available as we release new versions of the beta.

DO NOT CLICK REDEEM CODE. If you click Reedem Code the next step will not work for you.

Step 4: Open the TestFlight Invite Email You Received.

  • Search for "TestFlight" in the email account you signed up to beta test with.
    • The email will be coming from
    • Make sure to check your spam folder if you DO NOT see a TestFlight email.
    • If you still can't find a TestFlight email please email '' and cc ''
  • Click on the Button View in TestFlight

Step 5: Click Install

That's it! This is where you will also be able to submit Beta Feedback. You can also click on the buttons below to report a bug and submit the round 1 feedback survey.

Don't forget!

This beta testing phase is a game! We have over $500 worth of prizes and give aways for the top 5 individuals who provide us with the most feedback and identified bugs. Make sure to follow our instructions on what to test, report bugs and submit your feedback surveys promptly for the most points!

Happy Testing!