Get better, together.

ChallengeMe is more than just online training software - its your competitive advantage. Coaches that switch to ChallengeMe have more time to focus on creating content, scaling their business, and connecting with their members. And they're far more successful than before. Here's how ChallengeMe makes it happen.

Easily Accessible

Administrators: Easily access the ChallengeMe admin portal through any computer web browser with an internet connection.

Members: Easily access ChallengeMe through either iOS or Android apps available on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Easily create and manage your content with ChallengeMe's admin dashboard.

Plan out days, weeks, or even months ahead using your content calendar

 Thoughtfully designed for all your content. Your brand consists of more than just workouts. 


If you are a personal trainer, coach, gym owner, influecner or you're just starting off your training career, we have what you need. You have access to dozens of scoring metrics and templates to turn your daily post into a fun, competitive experience.


Give your members access to how you do nutrition. Post daily advice, recipes, nutrition challenges, etc. Your nutrition content just got a whole lot more engaging.


The tool you need to mold the mindset and reinforce the habits your members need to optimize their performance in all facets of life. Motivational videos, inspirational posts, transformation stories, educational posts, etc. 


Have an important announcement to send to your members? Send them all a notifcation at the push of a button. It won't get lost in their email inbox and it isn't as intimate as a text. The perfect way to keep things professional and communicate effectively.

Daily engagement isn't enough? Spice up the competition with Challenges.


When creating a challenge, you can pick the duration and type of challenge you would like to run. This will show up daily on your members' apps reminding them to keep on pushing and to update their score as they go. You can now track progress as the challenge goes on and allow your members to see where they rank on the leaderboards.

Never recreate a workout or challenge again. Create your content once, store it forever, and reuse as many times as you want.

Easy Content Manager

Anywhere there's a computer, you can use your web admin portal to easily create workouts, challenges, nutrition, and best self posts. Schedule these posts weeks in advance then sit back and let our system present each day's content sequentially to all your members. Oh and never create the same workouts twice. Once content is created it is stored for you to use forever.

Building your private training community has never been easier.

A Simple Easy To Use Member Experience.

We spent the last three years figuring out how to deliver the best fitness engagement experience. We used that knowledge to design our private member community software. Our system is easy to understand and easy to use.

 Favorites, Sharing, and Commenting

Your private fitness community core features. Members have the ability of "favoriting" any piece of daily content, sharing content with other members and commenting on all posts and leaderboards. Your private fitness community comes with built in social engagement.

Easy To Understand Daily Content

Our daily screen is the first screen your member will see and engage with after logging in. Gone are the days of overwhelming members with unnecessary bells and whistles. We keep our design simple and easy to understand to let your programming and content shine!

Turn your workouts into daily competitions. Your members can now compete from anywhere, anytime with ChallengeMe's Leaderboards.

The only tool you need to run and scale your online coaching business.