Yes, this mention was in the español version of the Men's Health website but none the less a huge mention for us! Lucky for you we have translated the entire thing. More on that below...

Translated Version (Thanks Google Translate!)

The crossfit community already has an app specially designed for its fans. It's called ChallengeMe and its strong point is that it allows you to compete with athletes from all over the world.

"In recent years the passion for fitness, competition and healthy living has skyrocketed, but there was no platform that brought together athletes, coaches, gyms and sports brands ... Well now they have it!" With these words, Tommy Marquez, an entrepreneur from California, promotes ChallengeMe, the application needed by crossfit fans.

A digital fitness platform worldwide, which connects crossfitters to compete, share knowledge and even earn 'money' redeemable in clothing and sports equipment. Above is free and without ads.

Reasons to download the ChallengeMe app:

  • Exclusive content, with advice, from crossfit professionals such as Jacob Heppner, for example. You can even communicate directly with them ...
  • You can compete with crossfiter of any country. Design your own routine and challenge your friends and other members of the app.
  • If you want to make a living with this sport, something complicated at the moment yes, you can sell your best videos to the rest of the community.
  • If you own a box, you can promote it and get in touch with other gyms to create competitions, exchange visits ...
  • You will always have someone to chat with about your favorite sport.

If you want more information or download it directly, click on

About the Author

Devin is one of the original three founders of ChallengeMe. When Devin isn't working on ChallengeMe he is helping run our sister company Wellness.Work. A fitness engagement software solution for companies to easily deploy virtual private wellness communities to increase health care savings. When Devin isn't working on business he is probably working out with the other two founders Brent Hill and Matt Mason in their private gym chasing weightlifting gains.

Devin Martin

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