Brent Hill

Brent Hill

Brent Hill Challenge Me CEO

Nickname: Oh boy… there have been many. From Hollywood back in the middle school days when I used to have hair (my slightly cocky personality probably contributed as well). I learned real quick that one wasn’t necessarily a good thing and changed my ways. Now I go by a few, Brizz, Brizzle, and Brizztown. These originated when my buddy Joel Bishop and I started calling each other Bizz and Brizz for no real reason at all other than the fact that we thought it was funny. My friends have referred to me as one from of Brizz since.

College: I attended Indiana University and graduated in 2015 with a Major in Business Management and Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana. “The Vale of Paradise”

Favorite Workout?

Whatever workout makes me crawl on the ground gasping for air and asking myself, “why do I do this?” Oh and a good ole fashion bodybuilding pump.

Go-To Band for Workouts?

Depends on the workout. For Metcons or heavy barbell lifts, I am all about some hyped up EDM. I enjoy a good dance party when I’m throwing down (I’ve been known to throw a good twerk in between sets to stay loose). For a bodybuilding workout, I love a nice mix of old school and new school rap and hip hop.

Go-To Snack to Fuel Up?

PEANUT BUTTER but if I know I’m hitting a good one I won’t hesitate to reach for sweets.

What Inspired You to Start an App?

This is my baby, an original idea that has sprouted into something very special with the help of Mace and Devin’s input. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to make a significant impact on other peoples’ lives. I never really knew how I would do it but I know that is what I was meant to do. This idea was really one of those “ah-ha” moments. It became so clear that this can be real and I needed to surround myself with a good team to get it done. I really believe this can and will change the lifestyles of all of our users for the better, whether that's engaging in the community while achieving goals at a personal level or earning a living from providing great content to those in need.

Is This Your First Startup?

I started a financial practice right out of college with Oak Partners, inc. A firm in Crown Point, IN. Although I will always manage money because I enjoy it, it is not to the size and scope of what we are going to accomplish here, so the answer is yes in a way. First mobile application for sure.