Anthony Davis Athletics

A.D.A Program is designed for:

1.) Athletes Who Want EXTREME Strength Gains in their Squat and Olympic Lifts.
2.) Anyone Who Wants to Improve Explosiveness and Overall Athleticism for Sports Performance.
3.) Anyone Who Needs to Improve Their Skill and Technique for Major Lifts.
4.) You if you are Cool with Regular PRs, a Ridiculous Vertical, and Want to be the Strongest in Your Gym.

What you get:

Professional programming that pays attention to the details to make sure you not only get the unparalleled gains you want, but that you remain healthy in the process. 

3 Days Per Week Olympic Weightlifting Program:
1 Day: Snatch Emphasis (1-1.5 Hours)
1 Day: Clean & Jerk Emphasis (1-1.5 Hours)
1 Day: Heavy Day (2 Hours)

15 Week Anthony Davis “Squat a House" Program:
3 Phases
1.) Hypertrophy
2.) Tempo/Iso
3.) Linear

The Result: A Squat PR You Didn’t Think Was Possible.

A.D. Athletics 3-Day Per Week Program: $24.99

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General Physical Preparedness and accessory movements proven to improve your lifting techniques and efficiency.

A program that is fun, affordable, and designed with strength development in mind for those who are looking to add to supplement their current program or use as their sole program if serious strength is your desired goal.

What you can expect with this programming:

​General Physical Preparedness
PR like never before in your Squat
Olympic Lifts: Snatch and Clean & Jerk
Front Squat
1 Weekly CrossFit Challenge that will fully test your fitness capabilities.

and your jeans to start fitting a little tight..

The Results speak for themselves...

"In a word, Anthony Davis's programming is rewarding. Over the course of about a year I have been following AJ's programming. It started with simple questions regarding different movements, the majority being related to gymnastics, as I had just started crossfit and struggled with even the concept of completing a muscle up. As I kept taking his advice, coaching, drills he suggested, I finally got my first ring and bar muscle up in large part due to his coaching. Initially I thought I moved well on my Olympic lifting as I could hit most workouts RX, until I tried to max out my snatch and realized how much work was needed for me to be in the realm of "moving well". This transitioned into attending AJ's Olympic lifting classes on Sunday's and in just a couple weeks I matched my snatch PR after not snatching for nearly four months."

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AD Athletic's Student

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"It is cool to look back and see how much has changed."

It’s been a wild one and I have felt very excited about where I am going. I created my own brand and developing my own programs. Working with athletes of all demographics over the last 6months has been a true blessing and can’t wait to see where it continues to grow.

My life has taken some turns as well. I am no longer pursing my own Individual Crossfit career, but shifting toward Olympic weightlifting. It was tough decision but the right one. It is cool to look back and see how much has changed.

• 2014-2015: lifting at GVSU from 10-12pm with great friends and awesome memories
• 2016: qualified for my First individual regional
• 2017: 5th worldwide in the Crossfit open. Competed at the Crossfit games with Timberwolf Crossfit in MN
2018: Difficult defeat, and transformative failure. GG 325lb Snatch, and mindset shift.

-Qualified for Nationals in my first Oly Weightlifting competition
- Won the Arnold
- Silver overall at US Senior Nationals
- Created a brand/program I have been developing over the last year

Feeling extremely blessed for the opportunity I have been given, the insurmountable support over the years from people and sponsors. Following where the lord leads me, and I’m very excited for this new chapter.

3927 Murvihill Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46383

(773) 453-6097

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