7 Days Until Kickstarter

February 22


FEBRUARY 22nd, 2019

We're just 7 days away from our biggest undertaking yet, and our team couldn't be more fired up.

In one week we officially launch our Kickstarter campaign where YOU the community can have a direct hand in helping us continue to make the ChallengeMe App the revolutionary fitness platform for the greater community.

Your support of the campaign as a founding member is invaluable to us. So as a thank you, we've got some exciting rewards lined up. Just to give you a hint, everything from Limited Edition ChallengeMe gear, to a week long, all expenses paid vacation is on the table.

Our pre-registration list is already at 200 plus backers and counting! To join the party and help us grow, enter your name and email here.

Media Mentions

Over the past few weeks, we've been fortunate to have ChallengeMe featured on a variety of media outlets including the Morning Chalk Up, and the Talking Elite Fitness Podcast, and we're proud to announce an upcoming feature in the competitive fitness magazine BoxRox - a publication with over 750k subscribers in 180 countries. Be on the lookout for more info on the feature coming soon! Media mentions this week.

On top of everything else...

We've gotten the support of athletes and influencers in the community through our ChallengeMe Influencer program. We've partnered with top level competitors like Tia Wright, Brooke Haas, and even a young teenage stud named Cole Martinez! All this to help bring you exclusive content from athletes, coaches, and key influencers to take your fitness journey to the next level. 

We want to give a sincere thank you to the entire ChallengeMe community. Without you none of this is possible. We look forward to a successful Kickstarter campaign with your help.

Thank you,

Devin, Brent and Matt

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About the Author

Devin is one of the original three founders of ChallengeMe. When Devin isn't working on ChallengeMe he is helping run our sister company Wellness.Work. A fitness engagement software solution for companies to easily deploy virtual private wellness communities to increase health care savings. When Devin isn't working on business he is probably working out with the other two founders Brent Hill and Matt Mason in their private gym chasing weightlifting gains.

Devin Martin

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