4 Days Until Kickstarter

February 25


FEBRUARY 22nd, 2019

Only 4 days until the launch of our ChallengeMe Kickstarter Campaign!

As we type this email update, our team is putting the finishing touches on our campaign page and getting it submitted before the campaign goes live FRIDAY!

Did you know?

Every Kickstarter backer will be rewarded with the opportunity to be a part of the ChallengeMe development team. On top of the sweet rewards included with your pledge tier, every backer will be invited to an exclusive group where you'll have the chance to share your feedback, submit ideas, and have your voice be a part of our future improvements!

That's not all...

We've got 9 different reward tiers to show our appreciation for your support, including some extra special rewards for our top backers: 

  • A weekend with the ChallengeMe founders: good fitness, good food, and a night out out on the town
  • All expenses paid, week-long vacation filled with tropical beaches and good vibes 
On top of our recent updates for our , one of the features we're buzzing about is the team vs. team challenges where users can host 50 person team challenges through the app.

Feature Spotlight

Android friends

  • Gyms - Host team challenges within your box, or against other gyms
  • Events - Use the app as a hub to host your online team challenge
  • Individuals - Grab your friends, pick sides, and throw down in your own custom challenge

With the ChallengeMe App you can post your workouts, get challenge updates, upload videos, and automatically generate leaderboards...


Why Kickstarter?

ChallengeMe was born out of our founders passion for fitness, and providing a world-class training hub to help EVERYONE reach their goals. So far we've delivered an app with a variety of features and functionality, at no cost to you.

Full transparency though, powering the app and continuing to make it better doesn't come free, and we've personally invested a lot of time and money into getting ChallengeMe this far.

In order to move forward with our vision we had two options: Seek outside funding and give up some control of the company OR turn to our friends in the community to help us drive the app into the future and execute on our vision with support from the people who benefit from ChallengeMe the most. Our choice is clear, which is why our Kickstarter launch is just days aways. 

ChallengeMe Kickstarter Launches in:


Our pre-registration list is already at 200 plus backers and counting! To join the party and help us grow, enter your name and email.

About the Author

Devin is one of the original three founders of ChallengeMe. When Devin isn't working on ChallengeMe he is helping run our sister company Wellness.Work. A fitness engagement software solution for companies to easily deploy virtual private wellness communities to increase health care savings. When Devin isn't working on business he is probably working out with the other two founders Brent Hill and Matt Mason in their private gym chasing weightlifting gains.

Devin Martin

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