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A Game, Community and Competition that Delivers Interactive Fitness Challenges to you from your Friends and Industry Authorities...

Our Challenge To You...

Help Transform the Way the World Works Out by Helping Challenge Me to Gamify Fitness!

Challenge Me is an app, game and smart competition platform that delivers interactive fitness challenges to you from your friends and industry authorities.
All On Demand!

We are a fun and competitive community that helps you achieve your goals.
PROVE You Are The Best And Get Rewards!

For the first time ever, know your rank in your gym, neighborhood, city, country...
With Challenge Me's Leaderboards!

Cha​​​​​llenge Me Games

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Challenge Me

Challenge Me Training App Screen Shot

Our Smart
Competition Hosting Platform

State of the Art In App Video Recording Software for Proof of Competition Submission Results

Community Monitored Competition Voting System to Prevent Cheating

Top 10 Finalists Judged by Challenge Creator for Technique, Form and Challenge Specifications

Interactive Fitness Channels

Subscribe to your favorite athletes fitness channel for regularly scheduled fitness challenges.

Compete to rank on your favorite athlete's leaderboard for recognition, prizes and overall Challenge Me Flexcoins!

Brand Sponsored Competitions

At Challenge Me we promise to NEVER sell display ads on our system. The only way a brand will be able to advertise on our app is by collaborating with our team to develop a "sponsored" fitness competition. We are actively seeking:

Prizes From Your Favorite Brands and Apparel

Discounts and Credits for Everyday Products & Services

Paid Trips and Parties Sponsored by Our Corporate Partners

Interested In Interactive Advertising?

Sponsor a Fitness Challenge and Experience a New Way to Engage Your Brand with an Interactive Audience.

Our Philosophy

Challenge Me is made up of passionate fitness fans dedicated to creating resources for other fitness fans. We don't believe in trophies for everyone; we want the best individuals to compete against each other honestly and fairly.

The gamification of the platform gives both beginners and veterans incentive and structure to inspire and push themselves, building their confidence in their abilities over time. We want our users to know where they stand regarding their achievements, whether it's among those in the same room, their state, or even their country, you’ll know where you rank at all times.

We're bringing competition back! Users push themselves and each other not only for the benefit of their health, but also for local and national bragging rights, prizes, and the knowledge that they are the best at what they do.

Challenge Me's Founding Team

Brent Hill Challenge Me CEO


Founder / Partner / CEO


Founder / Partner / COO


Founder / Partner / CTO

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